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              Meaning of model code of ring rolling machine
              Time:2021-03-14      Source:Wuxi Daqiao Bearing Machinery Co., Ltd
              "Q"means pneumatic driving

              "Y"means hydraulic driving

              "D"means normal machine made with intermediate narrow width

              "E"means machine mode with large width

              "F"means machine mode with supper-large width

              A:Original appearance of machine,the machine base is weld-formed by steel plate,such structure is light and slinky and has a good rigidity.

              B:Reasonable and scientific design for machine tool,the machine tool has a high rolling accuracy for the new design and development of distribution of main shaft bearing.

              C:Rectangle section of upper sliding block and rigidity.The length of guide rail of sliding block is increased to 5-6 times of journey of sliding block and guide accuracy is high.

              D:Main parts of machine are all made of cast steel or high-quality alloy steel.

              E:Sealed lower supporting bearing to make it working normally is a poor condition.

              F:Sealed with YX O-ring in accordance with intenational standard,low resistance of cylinder, reliable seal performance and good abrasive resistance.

              G:The rolling wheel is fixed with an internal cone-shaped expansion ring and its locating accuracy is high,the rolling wheel can be disassembled and replaced easily.

              H:The fine-grinding machine is driven in a synchronized mode and rus smoothly, a wide adjusting range is available.

              I:A muffler is equipped for exhausting system of gas pipeline to reduce noise and protect environment.